hats off to the grad!

I got to go down to BYU today for my sister Sarah's graduation. Even though I wasn't the one graduating, I got a little emotional hearing Pomp and Circumstance playing through the Marriott Center. I guess there is something about graduations that symbolize a definitive end, but also an exciting new beginning. I thought back to when I graduated and it was a big step into the unknown...would I marry Brandon? where would I get a job? Yet, today, I reflected on all that has happened since I graduated 6 years ago and realized that somehow, life has and is still working out.

I also came away with a few new life goals. To read more enriching books. And to be a lifelong learner of all subjects.

We're so proud of Sarah (and isn't she beautiful?)  and can't wait to see what exciting things life brings her.

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