a blake update

^Blake and his "mon-mower"

^big load of train tracks coming through!

We've made it through a rough month with Blake and now we are beginning to see the sunshine! He's had a cold, Hand & Foot Disease, and a case of terrible cabin fever. Now that we can get out again, we are all much, much happier! 

He's been delayed with his speech, but has made a lot of improvements lately, for which we are grateful. 

Some adorable things he says:
-"Ca-case pway" --He constantly asks to play with his friend Casey who lives a few doors down. 
-"Ay-ee sad" for Evelyn sad
-"mommy's house" when he wants to go home
-"apples neigh" for when he wants to feed the horses 
-"Elmo?" can't get enough of Elmo and would watch Elmo's Song all day long if we let him

-Mowing the lawn
-Being outside and helping dad read: playing with dad's tools
-Playing. He has learned that playing is a lot more fun than sleeping. He now wakes up at 6:45 on the dot! Coming from the boy that has slept in until 8 his whole life, this is a brutal wake-up call for us. Literally. 

Love this sweet boy of ours. 

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  1. Tell Blake we could use a Mon-Mower over here. Our lawns getting kind of long! ;)


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