cinco de mayo

We had a busy day on Monday, but we threw together our annual Cinco de Mayo feast. We ate our new favorite Chicken Fajitas, Mexican Rice, and wore sombreros to eat. (You may recognize from them our 3 Amigos Costumes for Halloween in 2012.) Blake and Evelyn were the cutest little helpers. They love watching me cook.

We hurried off to pick up a lawn mower (the joys of home ownership!), but we ran out of gas en route. Brandon had to leave us in the car, run to Lowes to pick up a gas can, then to Costco to get some gas and then back to us. A kind lady was a blessing and gave him a ride half way back. We got back so late we forgot to do our mini pinata Blake helped me make. Always next year?

We tried teaching Blake to count to 10 in Spanish at dinner and he did pretty well! It was adorable hearing him try to say uno...

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  1. Always so cute. I'm glad I can appreciate your gifts from afar cause if I saw all your cute ideas in person I would be very intimidated :)


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