a serafina dinner for four

May 27th is our engagement anniversary. And since it was 6 years ago this year, the 27th fell on the day after Memorial Day, just as it did when it happened. I couldn't help but think about that Memorial Day we spent with the Gibbs in New Jersey. And then the day after, Em and I running around NYC to "happen" to find ourselves in Central Park to take some sister pictures on Bow Bridge. Little did I know that Brandon was going to be there with a ring. It was magical and a day I will never forget.

Right after we got engaged, we planned to take a boat ride, but the rain came down and we found ourselves at a cute little Italian restaurant called Serafina.

I always like to re-create it by making pizza, setting out pictures and watching Enchanted. This year, we had two cute little ones to celebrate with us.


Now: (complete with food all over my shirt from Blake and Evelyn. how different life is now!)


  1. I love that you do that every year! And can you please make me some pizza!? That looks AMAZING! Just deliver it to my house, k!?


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