Evelyn {at 7 months}

Things to remember: 
-Sat up on her own exactly on her 7th month birthday, but does not prefer it. She would rather roll over and be on her tummy or back. When we try and sit her up, she'll arch back.
-Sleeping: she does not like to be swaddled anymore. She goes to bed around 8, wakes up between 4:30 and 5:30 to eat and then goes back to sleep until about 8.
-Napping: not the best napper, but I'm sure our on-the-go schedule doesn't help. She'll take about 2 naps a day, where Blake at this age was still taking 3.
-Playing: loves being outside. She and Blake will make each other laugh while they are in the car. She loves putting things in her mouth.
-Eating: likes applesauce, loves sweet potatoes, has tried beans, carrots, squash, brown rice cereal. She wants anything we are eating and will open her mouth for it.
-She grabs everything within her reach. Numerous water bottles have been spilled due to this girl.
-Wearing: 9 month clothes

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