cousin weekends

We've got to spend a lot of time with cousins lately and it's been super fun. I loved being close with my cousins growing up and was shocked to hear that some people don't even know who their cousins are.Our kids will be close to their cousins if I have anything to do with it. Now that Blake is old enough to actually play, it's even more fun to watch his interaction with them.

I think he was pretty excited to see them when the time leading up to their arrival he kept saying,  "con-sees?" and just stared at the window watching them to arrive.

^These cousins were pretty serious about drinking their Capri-Suns.

^ Brooke and Evelyn hanging out. 
^I love this. Ryan posing perfectly, Colton not sure what to think, and Blake is too interested in an ant to look. Boys are so fun.

Later that night, Kristin and Blaine came for a BBQ . We never get to celebrate the 4th of July or Memorial Day with them, so we had an early celebration. (Really, it was all because Blake and Evelyn took extra long naps together at the same time. So I had time to rummage through my stuff and throw this all together. It was worth it when Kristin said, Oh, you did this all for us? That made me happy because sometimes I do festive things first and foremost because it's fun for me, but it means even more to have people appreciate it.)

^I didn't plan E's outfit for the party, but since she was so patriotic, we had to get her holding a flag. I love this girl.

Afton is so grown up now. I love her curly hair. Blake was fond of her too and just wanted to hold her hand on our walk.

^Kristin and I with Afton and Evelyn, about 9 months apart.

 And last week Justin and Katie stopped by and we had another impromptu BBQ. Can you tell we love to grill and party? Charlie, Emme, and Blake could have played in the dirt-turned-mud for hours if we would have let them.

We love our family and are grateful to have all of them in our lives. Come back soon!

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  1. Love seeing your siblings as grown ups. I don't get how people don't know there cousins either


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