the birdhouse walk

Sarah and I took Blake and Evelyn on an adventure to the Ogden Nature Center. We'll be honest. We had very low expectations. But an advertisement for their "Annual Birdhouse Walk" showcasing over 100 unique birdhouses sounded interesting and different. And that's exactly what we were going for.

The birdhouses were really creative and fun to see what people came up with. Pretty much we came to the conclusion that anything with a hole in it can classify as a birdhouse.

Blake's favorite parts were the bees (in glass of course), the eagle and owl, roaming turkey and fish. The rest of the center was calm, peaceful, and beautiful. As we walked through meadows of wildflowers and tall grass with the snow-capped mountains for a backdrop, I felt almost as if I was in Switzerland again.

Little did we know Ogden had such a hidden gem.

^that smirk. gets me every time. 

On the way home, we decided to drive past the house my Grandmother Ilene King grew up in. I thought it would be a cute brick house that I could print off for our living room or something. Once we pulled up, I immediately changed my mind. You can barely tell from this phone pic (since I had to quickly and discreetly take it before I got shot!), but the windows were covered in phantom-like images. It was spooky. We got out of there fast. Family History can't always be roses, right?

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