Evelyn {at 6 months}

I actually started this post a few weeks ago when Evelyn was really 6 months, but then I realized I forgot to put the sock monkey in the picture. I planned to redo it and now she's almost 7 months. Life is just going so fast these days. I don't know if any of our future children will get monthly photos at the rate I'm going.

Nonetheless, here is Evelyn at 6 months. I remember my sister saying that it took 6 months with her 2nd to finally feel back to normal life. I agree completely. I finally feel like she is a routine, it's more manageable to get out of the house with 2, she is eating less often so we can get out more, and we are getting a little more sleep.

These photos I took on her 6 month birthday are my favorite.. I just love her big eyes, her kissable lips, and her facial expressions. She insists on being around everyone, but she is content to sit back and observe. She gets sad when she is put down, but is quickly soothed with her binki or toy. *adorable outfit courtesy of andrea nelson.

Things to Remember: 
-Stats: 14.2 lbs (12%) and 25" (20%) 
-She is rolling over from back to front, front to back
-She had her first really bad cold this week- croopy cough and fever
-She isn't sleeping all the way through the night. She wakes up at least once if not twice. We're working on that this month
-She is a little noisemaker. 
-Playing with: teething ring, colored rings, and can put binki in her mouth by herself. 
-Eating: sweet potatoes, brown rice cereal, applesauce, green beans, squash, carrots
-One tough cookie: when we went to her 6 month check-up, we found out she had double ear infectinos and bronchitis. total surprise! 

(I'm too tired to make the collage, but I'll get around to it one of these days.)

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