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My cousin Becky married Rodolpho in the Newport Beach Temple. Michael and Brandon offered to stay outside with Blake and Evelyn so that my sisters and my dad to be in for the session. 

Ever since Brandon and I went there last May, I have loved that Temple. It's a small one, but such beautiful details inside and out. The grounds are amazing as well. 

While we were waiting for them to come out, we snapped a few photos.  I forgot Evelyn's headband, so I didn't take as many of her, but I got some new ones for the wall of Blake. (Since our photo shoot on the beach was an epic failure. Maybe I'll be brave enough to post how awful it was.)  I can't get over how grown up Blake looks in these. He has really become a little boy. (Blake at 2 years 4 months, Evelyn 8  months)

Even though Blake is cautious and quiet around others, he is a crack up around us. 

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