california | the beach house & balboa island

Before I continue on with California, I've got to record a bit of real life. I've noticed that since I don't get around to blogging as much right after something happens, some of the emotion gets lost and unrecorded. I want this journal of ours to be real. And while I love to emphasize and remember the good, I don't want to forget what it was really like also.

So if you've been getting the idea that our life is all parties and trips, think again. Tonight I went for a run (because I was too lazy to get out of bed this morning). I got home just to find that Blake had dumped all of the liquid vitamins onto Evelyn's bed. They are the dark brown kind that stains like nothing else. Not only did he get it all over her sheets and mattress, it got all over the carpet and onto Brandon's shirt. The funny this is I had already spilled them this morning and cleaned her sheets once already today. So that's it. She is sleeping in the pack n' play tonight.


So on to the beach house. Sarah, Hollie, Michael and my dad came along too. Since there were enough of us, we found a cute, charming little beach house to share on Balboa Island. That Balboa Island. Such a quaint place. It was nice having lots of room to relax and we saved a lot by cooking our own meals.

^we got to celebrate Sarah's birthday while we were there. 

 While everyone was sleeping one morning, I got up for a run around the island and took my camera along too. We were just a block from the cutest little main street, with the cutest little post office.

^I also found this street. How festive is that? I love exploring new places.

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