father's day 2014

It started with breakfast. 

Then church. Brandon thought it was really cool that our ward gave out Father' Day chocolate bars. 

Then an outdoor dinner with our dads, who we love a lot. 

^Thanks Marcelle for the backdrop idea!

 Stealing some thoughts from my sister's blog because she described my dad so perfectly:

he is...
the one who blow-dried our hair each saturday night as a kid, while we watched the t.v. show "early edition".
the one who made sure we woke up on time, prepared a balanced breakfast ("did you have fruit or juice?" he would always ask), and drove me to school nearly every day.
the one who so meticulously  packed all our family's bags/gear/toys in our big gray van for our road-trips each summer.
the one who is known to have any tool you could think of and can fix anything. yep, he's a handyman.
the one who works hard until the job is done, and done well.
the one who always decorated our birthday cakes so creatively.
the one who ran more than we did at our track meets--collecting times and writing them on a small slip of paper he would keep in his pocket, encouraging us and our teammates, and meeting us at the finish.
the father who is skillful in sewing, cooking, and organizing (yes, he has sewn stockings, hemmed clothing, and made quilts for nearly all the grandchildren!).
the one who always let us borrow his pen, even after a long track-record of losing them.
the one who is always up for an adventure (even waking me up at 2:30 a.m. to look at the "incredible" stars).
the one who will drive hours out of the way to see a beautiful (or not so beautiful) scenic overlook.
the one who always has a carton (or two or three) of ice cream in the freezer when we come to visit :)
the one who taught us through his example to serve others, even when it's not convenient.
the one who loves the lord and serves him well.
the patient fisherman, careful decision maker, energetic grandpa, and supportive father!

I don't know Stan as well, but I have noticed a few things about him:
-He loves his family and being with them.
-He loves giving chocolate to his grandkids, especially Blake
-He loves fishing, good movies, and watching sports
-He is dedicated to his church callings
-He has a huge desire to serve missions

And to the Dad I love the most, Brandon:

There is nothing sweeter than watching my husband as a father. I love the way Blake asks a million times a day, "daddy home?" or that the first thing he says when he wakes up is "Dad!" He loves his dad, and for good reason. Brandon is a kid at heart, and he has the energy to back it up. He is so playful with our children and is content to just be with our little family. I love watching him interact with baby girl Evelyn. I know he is going to be one protective dad over her. 

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