world cup party!

Brandon is a HUGE soccer fan. He loves watching REAL games, but has been really excited for the World Cup. I remember watching my first World Cup when I was a nanny in Germany back in 2006. Germany was the host country, so it was fun to see the country get all hyped up about it. Koko and Patrick would make an amazing meal and we would take it upstairs and watch it all together. Good times.

Brandon came home a few hours early one day from work to watch the first USA vs Ghana game. USA scored in the first few minutes and ending up winning the game. It was exciting!

I had Blake and Evelyn help me put together a little World Cup party to surprise Brandon with. I love partying with my favorite people. As you can tell, I think Blake's favorite part was the food.

^ he loved waving his little flag

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  1. you are so cute!! or is it so festive? ;) they are so lucky to have you as their mama (and wife).

    ps -- i spy a new rug! love the color and design!


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