evelyn {at 9 months}

^because it isn't fun unless there is something to munch on

Little Miss Evelyn, 

How I love you so! You are making this 9 month stage just too cute and fun. I could seriously hold, cuddle (except you don't like to do that), kiss, and squish you all day. You are so lovable right now and have finally gotten better at sleeping through the night. You'll crawl towards anything you can get into your little fingers. You will eat anything you can find. You don't like being put in your bed, but after a few minutes of crying, you'll fall fast asleep. You are quite a babbler--constantly saying "mammammama" and "dadadada". You've mastered crawling in just a few weeks time. Now, I have to watch you really well! Please stay this little forever. I would have 6 more just like you. 

Your momma 

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