dreaming of Switzerland

We have a dream. We want to live in Switzerland one day. There, I said it. We are always trying to figure out how we could go live abroad for a year or two. After spending a full month there when I was a nanny and then going back and visiting with Brandon in 2010, we have fallen in love with that place. 

It has the freshest air, the most majestic mountains, amazing food, and is full of wonderful memories. Until we can find a way to go back, we can only dream. And celebrate Swiss Day. We ate gruyere melts and looked through Switzerland photos. 

Switzerland snapshots...

^fresh flowers adorn Swiss houses

^the essentials: zopf and gruyere


  1. So beautiful! When you live there, Paul and I will come and visit :)

  2. I'll happily visit as well -- or be your neighbor :)


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