little miss Evelyn {at 8 months}

 It isn't until I stop and look at pictures that I realize how fast life is going these days. So fast that I'm getting around to recording her at 8 months a day before she turns 9 months. Evelyn is starting to scoot around and almost crawl! And for the record, she won't leave her headbands on anymore.

She started sitting in the high-chair seat because she successfully scooted her way out of the bumbo twice. Luckily it was when it was on the floor, but still. It makes me sad that that stage is already over again for the 2nd one. She loves the high chair though. Often I'll put her in it while I'm cooking and as long as she has some puffs to munch on, she's a happy little girl just observing. It's funny how now that she uses Blake's high chair, he suddenly wants to sit in it again.

And here's the 8 month picture. I've given up on collages and will do one big one when she is a year old. I just can't keep up! 

Other things to remember:
-She is babbling a lot. On many occasions it has sounded liked she has said, "Hi" or maaamaa
-She loves Blake and smiles every time she sees him
-She wakes up about once a night now between 5 and 6.
-She doesn't like to be swaddled anymore
-She is in 9 month clothing
-Everyone says she looks like me, but recently they say she looks more like Blake
-She is so mellow and content and hardly makes a peep when we are out and about

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