our 6th anniversary

 One for the books! I can't believe it's been 6 years. We've learned a lot about each other and how to make our marriage awesome, but still have more to learn. Just this week we got in a stupid tiff about something well, stupid. But I guess it's those moments that teach us how to be humble, accept we are wrong, and forgive. They always say marriage is hard work. And we aren't exempt from the work part just like any other couple. But marriage can be play, too. And that's what we like to focus on.

It was Brandon's turn to plan this year, but Blake helped me make a huge heart on our wall before he got home from work. It's fun to actually put those wedding photos to good use.

Since our anniversary fell on a Saturday (just like the day we got married), we spent all day celebrating. Brandon and the children made me breakfast in bed. We got to go to the Temple, took a family nap, and then got all fancy for a night on the town: dinner at the Cheesecake factory (thanks to a gift card!) and Wicked. We are suckers for musicals. I love hanging out with my best friend. 


  1. Cute dress! ;) Glad you had such a fun day celebrating. I think B killed it this year!

  2. So fun! What a great anniversary! I love the pictures, in a heart, on the wall! I just might have to use that awesome idea.


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