summer fun with the Nelsons

We love when the Nelsons come to town! Andrea and I have been friends since elementary and I think since we've made it this far, we'll be lifelong friends! They have already come and gone, but we were lucky to get to spend an afternoon eating popsicles, playing ping pong and trains together, another morning at the splash pad together, and a late night excursion to Wal-mart sans kids. We may have talked until 4:30 am that morning.  Sorry husbands for worrying you. We had too much to catch up on. I love this family and now that Blake is old enough to play with Tanner and Landon and Braddock, it's just another reason we get along so well. Come back soon! 

^Braddock and Blake both share a love for eating. They are going to love being BYU roommates someday. 

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  1. Oh wow your pictures are so much better than mine! I'll have to steal yours! Miss you all!!


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