house to home | evelyn's nursery on a budget

I finally finished Evelyn's room! And it's now one of my favorite places to be. 

It started out like this: green walls, random furniture which you can see I could never make up my mind on what to put where. I got that wicker dresser for free and painted the drawers back in the Spring. It's a narrow room which is the perfect size for a nursery, but it also felt way too crowded. 

I had a goal to finish it before her 1st birthday. Not that she could care less, but I did. I wasn't sure what direction to take with it all until one day I found this piece of scrapbook paper in my stash and that became my inspiration. 

I painted the walls, moved the wicker dresser into the closet and replaced it with this yellow desk I got for free and painted a few years ago.  

Besides the rug (which I scored at Ross for $20!), everything else I already had sitting around the house. I didn't want to spend much money on it. Someday, I'd like to switch out the light fixture. 

And here's a few adorable photos of E in her new room because I just can't resist her sweetness and cuteness: 

^those eyes melt my heart. 


-Rug- Ross $20
-Lamp- got free from a girl who was moving
-Crib- IKEA
- Pillow cover- thrifted
- Temple Print - Alexa Z Design
-Mormon Women print- gifted 
-Round mirror- $3 yard sale find
-Frames and E - thrifted 
-Curtains- black-out fabric from JoAnns 50% sale


  1. Ahhh!! I LOVE it! I was just going to ask you when the big reveal was. It's the perfect room for one perfectly adorable little girl!!

  2. Such a cute room! I love it! And Evelyn does have the most beautiful eyes! Just like her momma!!!


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