evelyn {at 11 months}

Little Miss E: 

Really? 11 months already? I'm in denial that you are going to be 1 in less than a month. You are still so tiny, but definitely not a baby. You are crawling all over the place, trying to pull yourself up, and eating anything in your reach. You will eat and eat and eat. Your favorites include; bananas, wheat bread, noodles, scrambled eggs, and applesauce. You don't care for green beans.  

You love your older brother Blake. Whenever I bring you downstairs from a nap, you scan the room in hopes of seeing him. You make each other giggle. I hope you always stay close. 

You've got 4 teeth and more coming in. You love baths, kicking your legs, and facing out. You don't like to cuddle much, but love looking at stories. You've become pretty attached to me, but Daddy can make you smile. 

We love you! 

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