our little big boy's first day of MoJo

Blake is all grown up. Well sort of. And I'd like to keep it that way as long as possible. He had his first day of MoJo today, and I was so proud of him! We weren't specifically looking for a preschool for him this year (c'mon, the kid is not even 3!), but 2 other moms who moved into our neighborhood around the same time as us have similar philosophies as we do about preschools. So we decided to put together a Mommy Montessori Joy School (hence the MoJo) together for our 3 children. I've always been intrigued with Montessori ever since I observed it in Germany, but had not the knowledge or resources to pull it off. Since one of the moms is a trained Montessori teacher, we will get to benefit from her expertise and awesome classroom she has in her home. I've been busy getting our "classroom" set up here. I'm so excited to be a part of this fun group!

Although he was a bit hesitant at first, Blake really enjoyed his first day at "Miss Anna"s house with his friends Matthew and Denae.

Here's our little big boy!

And to keep it real, this shows his defiant, toddler self as of late. Maybe it's a sign that I take too many pictures. :) 


  1. Montessori is a big thing here in AVL in the circle of Moms I am friends with and it really resonates with me. It's why we did a floor bed instead of a crib for M, small glasses instead of sippy cups, baby led weaning instead of purees, relative freedom, super simple toys, etc.
    This is a good resource -- http://www.dailymontessori.com/montessori-at-home/montessori-home-parenting-tips-under-3/

    MoJo looks fun! Maybe I can start the same thing with some friends here.

  2. My mom and sister are montessori teachers (and I attended one until 6th grade), so we definitely believe and love the curriculum around here! Awesome choice :)

    My sister has a montessori school in her house (and my mom had one for 10 years in her house) too, so now I just need to live close to them…. :)


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