adventures with our little campers

What you see: the cutest little campers with Gma and Gpa Sunday // delicious tin foil dinners and yummy camping snacks // throwing rocks into the lake while Grandpa fished // a beautiful backdrop to call home for a night //

What you don't see: driving 2 hours to find out the campground we were planning to stay at was closed for the season // driving to another campground to also find it was closed // the very little sleep we got due to Evelyn not being able to sleep well. it was cold!  // the rain we got in the morning as we tried packing up // some spooky thing that was outside our tent and we yelled it away

Camping trips with our children are far from perfect. They are a lot of work. They aren't relaxing (in the sense that we can just play games and lounge by the campfire the whole time.) But there is something about fresh mountain air, no cell phone service, gravel roads, campfires, and dirt that is invigorating and addicting. And if we can start them young, we hope they'll fall in love with the beauty that you can only find away from it all.

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