a year ago...

I'm sifting through some photos of Evelyn as I put together a few last minute things for her birthday on Wednesday. I really should be in bed! But I'm sitting here wondering where the time went. It's been a whirlwind of a year. It's like I don't remember what it was like before she was a part of our family and at the same time I still remember so vividly the night before she was born. We were anxious about going in the next morning to have a baby.  It was a little surreal being called in at 6:00 am to go have a baby.  And at this point, we still didn't know what she would be. I for sure thought she was a boy, but boy did she prove me wrong.

The first few months were a big adjustment for us. She has a really hard time nursing and sleeping. Add in the fact that we bought a house and tried to do some remodeling all before Christmas, well I think it's taken me the full year to finally feel somewhat settled.

Evelyn has become the sweetest little girl. She'll crawl up to me and nuzzle her tiny little head into my arm. She is cuddly when she wants to be, but loves to be playing right along with her brother, even if it's cars and trains. She has been the biggest blessing for me.

Her spirit brightens my life and blesses our family. In some ways I wish she was a little baby all fresh from heaven over again, but I'm also so excited to see where this little girl goes in life.

Oh Evelyn, my sweet reminder of how precious life is. I'll always be grateful for the gift you are to me.

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