little miss evelyn's birthday party

^her gifts from us: a wooden toy, the Little Miss Birthday book and this darling rocking chair I found used for a few dollars and gave it a nice new coat of paint. 

Little Miss Evelyn has always been a name we've called our E, so I knew I had to do a "little" party for her based on the Little Miss Birthday book I've always loved. We had little foods: little sandwiches, little noodles with little forks, little drinks, little cupcakes, and little fruit. She got to eat a little cake. And she loved it! She was pretty dainty as she ate it. And she really liked the ice cream Grandpa Stan shared with her. 

We are grateful for both sets of grandparents and the Salmons who came. It was fun celebrating with everyone. We finished the night with a picture slideshow and presents. We love our little girl! 

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  1. Adorable! I love the theme--and you always do the cutest parties! <3


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