nyc | the brooklyn bridge & jane's carousel

Since the boys had just gotten gyros and smoothies after the 9/11 memorial, it was only fair for Evelyn and I to pick up a treat too before we started our walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Because you know, we need energy to do it, right? For the record, it was amazing.

I could never tire of walking across the Brooklyn Bridge.

We heard great things about Julianna's Pizza and called in our order while we were crossing the bridge. Thanks for the tip, Em! It was ready soon after we got into Brooklyn.

^next time we will get it delivered on this bike

^just couldn't wait for the pizza! sneaking a snack. 
We took the pizza over to Jane's Carousel and that moment was one of the most memorable. The carousel music, the Brooklyn Bridge nearby, the city skyline across the river, and the pizza. It was all too good to be true.

The carousel was only a few dollars to ride (and the kids were free), so we let Blake do it 3 times. He was in heaven and could have stayed all night had we let him. This is saying a lot since his last carousel ride was not so joyful. 

^his new "cheese" face 

I just had to get a few more shots before we left. 

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