nyc | date nights and double date of the century

Partly why we chose New York City as a destination was because we had connections to a great babysitter who happens to have children the same ages as ours. Namely Em and Co. New York seemed perfect. We could hang out with our family during the day and then slip away for dates at night. In fact, even the night they were out of state, they arranged a great sitter for us. (However, I'll never think Utah babysitters are expensive again. Period.)

We saw Aladdin the first night and actually LOVED it. The genie was amazing and it was so entertaining. So fun.

^and to keep with our H&M world tour, we did shop that one :)

And then for the double date of the century:

Yep, that is Dean and Andrea Nelson sitting with us on subway in New York City!! I still can't believe it really happened. We pitched the idea to them of meeting us for dinner and Les Mis one night, not really wondering if it would happen. But the stars aligned and they drove all the way from Pennsylvania to spend the evening with us. They are troopers for putting up with us being super late to meet them, finding a random Italian restaurant to eat at, eating really fast to make the show, and for nearly missing their train back. It's really too bad the night ended so quick and we had to miss out on rice pudding and chatting the night away. We're just glad they made it back to the train in time or I'm afraid they'd never want to double with us again. And I couldn't bear the thought of that. They are the kind of friends I know we couldn't live without.

Since they left earlier than we thought, Brandon and I enjoyed some city sidewalk walking and shopping before heading to our hotel in Time Square for the night. 

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