nyc | norma's and the highline

Perhaps the best thing about spending the night at Le Parker Meridien was having Norma's just an elevator ride away. Emily and I first tried out Norma's on our trip in 2008. It has the most decadent, over the top brunch items that keep you full the entire day. We thought that would be the best way to start off our last day. I loved having a meal just the two of us to talk and laugh without interruptions.

We were hoping to eat at Serafina's sometime on our trip. It's the restaurant we first ate at right after we got engaged. Realizing that our list of things to do in NYC was much longer than we had time for, we had to cut something out. We figured at least walking by would be a sweet way to reminisce. But ha, this was actually a different one than we ate at. Next time. 

We went down to Chelsea Market, this old industrial building turned into chic shops and restaurants. I wish I would have had more time there. Then we walked along the entire Highline Park--the old elevated train tracks turned into a park. It was a cool, new perspective of the city. Again, I wish we wouldn't have felt so rushed to get back and could have enjoyed a nice, leisurely stroll. 


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