nyc | sunday in the city

Sunday in the city meant:

-hailing a taxi to get to church (didn't have the luxury of hopping in our car to get there. kind of fun though)
-going to the ward Kyle is bishop of in Harlem.
-taking a long, much needed nap. Up to this point, our kids hadn't had one besides little cat naps here and there.
-walking through Central Park and taking Blake and Evelyn to the spot Brandon proposed to me on Bow Bridge
-eating a gourmet dinner that Emily "threw together". That girl is the perfect hostess, I tell you what.
-hanging out with cousins
-Brandon and I slipping away for a night at Le Parker Meridien. I'm pretty sure we'll never be able to afford a night there on our own. It was fancy and the perfect night away.

the church building and my handsome boys 
having a meltdown at this very moment ^

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