our annual thankful dinner

Today we did our annual Thankful Dinner. Since we always switch off doing Thanksgiving dinner with one of our families, we wanted a way to have our own night to reminisce on what we have been blessed with. We started this tradition on Blake's 1st Thanksgiving as a way to capture his cute hand print and record what we are thankful for. We add new hand print turkeys each year. And then eat a feast on our newly decorated tablecloth. 

This year, Blake was so excited that he even did some extra drawings on our pretty white tablecloth. Oh well, it's a tablecloth for memories and now every time we look at the long black line down the middle, we'll remember what an excited boy he was to decorate the tablecloth. 

Blake and Evelyn are just the best of friends. They were having lots of fun as were decorating our turkeys. (No one was harmed.)

Ever since we went to the Ogden Temple Open House, Blake has been asking to go to the Temple again. He can see the Bountiful Temple up on the hill and asks to go to it every day when we are out running errands. I feel bad every time I have to tell him no. 

After our Thankful dinner, we decided to honor his wish. The grounds were closed, and it was freezing, but he was still pretty happy to go to the Temple.  I'm grateful that Blake can already sense the sweet spirit of the Temple and hope he always wants to go to the Temple. 

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