the blakester...an update

Tonight was a dream. Actually, it really happened. Brandon was at a church meeting and I decided to take Blake and Evelyn out for some errands. I wish I would have snapped a photo of them all bundled up. They were adorable. Blake was especially cute. He kept asking to go to more stores. Hmm. Maybe I've ruined him? That's besides the point. 

When we got home, he said in his cute little voice, "I'm so cold." So we went upstairs and he picked out his favorite fire truck pjs. He told me, "don't want to go to bed yet" and I didn't want him to either. (Usually by the end of the day, I'm ready for a break!) But tonight was different. I put Evelyn to bed and he asked for a snack and if we could read stories together. One of the books we read was a Christmas one and when he saw Santa on one of the pages, he said, "Look, it's Joseph Smith!" We have a prophets book and he must have correlated the beards of the prophets to Santa. Too funny. 

We read the library books a few times and then he drank milk out of his crazy straw-- one of his favorite things to do lately. 

Then what happened was something that hasn't happened since he was a newborn. No joke. He snuggled up on my shoulder and fell asleep. I got comfy and we just laid there. Me and my sweet little boy. Our moments together are not always this peaceful and sweet. We have more power struggles lately than I care to admit. And by golly, he used to be so much of a better eater. But, I was in heaven for a few minutes. And feeling his warm little face against mine was one of those moments I didn't want to end. 

A few other tidbits from lately:
-He loves saying thank you. 
-He still is obsessed with binkis and still naps with them. I think I'm the one that needs to be trained. Just haven't been brave enough to let them go. Because that means no naps. 
-He is still sleeping in a crib. He can climb in and out, but only gets out after he asks us first. Obedient child. Hope that lasts! 
-He loves trains, cars, and anything that moves.
-He loves lining things up.
-He loves pouring things and cooking with me. 
-He really loves his friends and loves nursery now. 

Here's my favorite pictures of him from a family photo shoot that happened earlier this fall. He is one cute boy. We've got a little heartbreaker on our hands. Never grow up, Blake! 

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  1. So precious! Also, I think I forget this every time I have a child...but I recently reread how kids will eat really great and then they go through spurts of not as much growth so they don't eat as much.


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