sunny st. george did my soul good

Over the weekend, we ventured down south to St. George for my cousin Carianne's wedding. It was a lovely weekend: full of sunshine, cousins, wedding festivities, road trip treats, and a break from routine. I loved the getting to talk to Brandon uninterrupted in the car as Blake and Evelyn slept peacefully in their car seats. 

The wedding was beautiful. Carianne did such a good job planning it out. There were mini pies and twinkle lights, a caramel apple bar, and dancing. And boy did we dance. And she rode off on a tandem bike. I loved that her wedding was so her. 

Since all the festivities were done by Saturday afternoon, we snuck away to Snow Canyon State Park to do a little hiking and playing in the sand dunes with Papa Dave and Sarah, Hollie, and Mike. We heard there was a big snowstorm coming Saturday night when we were supposed to drive home, so we stayed an extra night. Darn. We had to kill the time with dinner, hot tubbing, and an extra night in a hotel plus getting to go to church with cousins.    

Such a fun little getaway. 

some of the King cousins: Nate-Jameson-Kristin-Juli-Me-Mike-Hollie-Sarah-Michal-Scott 


  1. Let's do St. George again soon :)

  2. I love this family! So glad you had a good time!


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