We spent turkey day with the Sundays this year. While the turkey was cooking, the kids and I decorated this thankful banner to hang up. They were so cute each coloring a letter or two. And I had lots of fun making mini mayflower place settings with our favorite cinnamon almonds for the adults and turkey bags for the kids.

The food was delightful as always and it was a nice, relaxing afternoon. Evelyn gobbled her food right up. Blake loved playing more with cousins than eating. Rachel made the rolls and printed what each person was thankful for and rolled it up inside. Then when we ate a roll, we read what was typed and tried to guess who said what. It was a fun way to share what we were grateful for besides just going around the table.

We are grateful for Grandma and Grandpa Sunday for hosting and grateful we got to spend the day with family and a nice meal. It's easy to take for granted those things, but as I was dishing up my food, I thought about all the people who wouldn't be enjoying such a comfortable holiday dinner. We are very blessed.

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