attacked by the birds and other snippets

The other day our yard was attacked by hundreds of birds! See all those perched on the power line? The very next minute they were all swarming in our yard. See below. Blake and I watched them for about 10 minutes. He kept saying, "Mom, that's so cool!" It was kind of cool and also kind of creepy. 

Blake loves helping in the kitchen. Especially trying out the batter. 

Evelyn prefers crawling over standing. She gets stuck more often than she likes. 

We finally got our yard cleaned up for winter a few weeks ago. Evelyn cheered us on from inside (she was sick) and Blake wasn't afraid to get dirty. 

 We've been in our house exactly one year this past weekend. We've been trying to finish up some projects that we started months ago. I'm hoping to get our progress posted soon.

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