chocolate christmas houses

On Sunday morning, I started getting this crazy intense back pain. It was so bad I had to stay home from church. What's with all these little ailments I've had lately I'm not sure. I'm not even 30! Anyways, I haven't been able to walk or lift much the past few days, but I was able to sit and decorate gingerbread houses--or as we like to do--Chocolate Graham Cracker Houses on Sunday afternoon.

We cheated and hot glued our houses before decorating them this year. And let me tell you, the possibilities are endless when you aren't relying on the frosting to hold your house all together. Evelyn was napping, but Blake got really into it this year. We were awesome parents and let him eat a little too much candy. I love this tradition and love it even more that my whole family got into it. Blake did his all by himself and it's rather cute I think. And Brandon's is his best ever! I'd say they turned out pretty well despite the fact that we just used things we had in the house.

Mine-- Blake's-- Brandon's

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