circle of life

On Christmas Eve, Grandma Emory Pickard Levy passed away. She was Brandon's Dad's mom. We had the chance to visit her a few times this past year up in Morgan and one last time a week before she passed away. 

I didn't know her very well, but a few things I remember are: she loved family history and would often call Brandon to help her with her computer so she could do research. She loved giving things to people-- once when we visited her she gave Blake her Cars movie. He loves that show! 

A story from the funeral I liked was when she was a little girl, her family was very poor. For Christmas, all she wanted was a pen. And she got the pen. And she loved that pen so much. It's a simple reminder of how Christmases don't have to be elaborate to be special. 

Her funeral was in Morgan on December 29th. It was a cold, snowy day. But it made the flowers on her casket that much more beautiful. 

The circle of life continues, though. She has passed on, but we got 2 new members of the Sunday family this month:  Taft Wilson Salmon and Claire Sophia Sohm.

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