i love having a girl

I know I said this about an earlier stage Evelyn was in, but I seriously want to freeze time right now. I love the adorable stage that Evelyn in in right now at 15 months. I love the way she'll say, "pyees" if she wants something to eat, the way she holds the cup with two tiny hands, the way she snuggles with her doll and any other soft animal, the way she says "bye" on her own when she senses Brandon or I am leaving, the way she "sings" to herself before she falls asleep, her rythmic bounce to any sort of music or beat, and her love to imitate anything Blake does. She's our little social butterfly.

Usually any ponytail, headband, or bow I put in her hair doesn't last more than 2 minutes, but I love it when she'll let me doll her up. Today I dressed her in the cute jean skirt Brandon gave me for Mother's Day when I was pregnant with her. At the time, we didn't know it was a girl, but I guess he hoped it was! I'm sure glad it was a girl. Evelyn brings me so much happiness.



  1. I love this! It's nice to hear that they only get cuter because I'm already feeling sad/scared about how fast my babies are growing up! Also, I think you should do a post with tips on buying kids clothes. Blake and Evelyn always look so stylish!

  2. so cute. I'm way behind but love looking at your posts when I get a chance. good job on all the house stuff. we're just starting with our fixer upper


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