yippee for a new year!

I was really happy for a new year to begin. 2014 was full of lots of great things (including some fun trips to California, St. George, NYC),  but also lots of emotional ups and downs. The affects of so many changes for our family that came late in 2013 (Evelyn being born, moving, getting used to a new job, settling into a house and making it our own, new callings) really set in this past year and it's taken some time to get used to all of them.

I'm happy for a new beginning. I don't like to make a long list of resolutions because that just stresses me out. Instead, I like to pick a few things to work on at a time and then go from there. Brandon wrote me a sweet letter on Christmas morning that touched on some of the things that my heart was feeling we should change or implement in this upcoming year. I'm excited to BECOME better with him in many aspects of our lives. And not to just do things to check them off (even though that is what my to-do-list loving self prefers to do) but to really do things to become what we want to become.

We rang in the new year at Justin and Katie's new house in Provo. We had a huge array of appetizers and treats, played games, chatted and of course, went outside and made lots of noise. Blake and Evelyn made it until midnight (which we are still paying for.)

At the last minute I threw together a surprise bag for the kids to open on each hour until midnight. It was quite the hit and they got so excited to see what the next activity was. They made party hats out of pipe cleaners (more like headbands), we made jolly rancher suckers, played the m&m straw game, took NYE photos, and drew out New Years Resolutions.

Here's to a great new year!

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