january happenings

Riding the train to the city. We will totally be doing this again! It was a dream come true for Blake. 

Visited the Treehouse Musuem with our pass from Grandma and Grandpa Sunday. We didn't even get through half of it. We'll be going back soon! 

I was in charge of Mojo last week. Our theme was snow. We collected snow and did experiments with it and let it melt. Also melted jolly ranchers for suckers and made cotton ball snomwen and had music time. The kids were darling. 

We had Halle and Sawyer over one night to play. They were cute and goofy and had a blast together. 

We've taken a few walks lately. Blake insists on bringing his pack-pack along. 

And would wear his jersey every minute if we let him. He wanted to put it on over his church clothes so this is how he ate Sunday dinner. Funny boy. 

And funny girl Evelyn... somehow got ahold of the green marker twice and got it all over! Blake never got into things so this is new territory for us. Good thing she is so dang cute.

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  1. So I'm curious about your double stroller in the top pic. I like that it is narrow rather than the side-by-side, but does Evelyn like being on the bottom or does she get frustrated that she can't see?


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