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I've started quite a few posts lately and yet, the words just don't seem to come. And I certainly don't have anything witty or wise to say. However, I want to remember what life is like in this stage. Because I know that we will look back and miss it. And while sometimes I feel like we are just hanging on, I know life will just get busier and more demanding. When I stop to think about this stage (and usually it happens on a Saturday night when the house is clean and calm), I'm reminded that life is pretty dang sweet right now.

I mean, really. I get to stay at home with my 2 adorable children who make me want to pull my hair out and laugh all at the same time. They occupy nearly every minute of my day, and yet give me the most joy. Besides weekly preschool and play groups, our schedule is flexible and I like it that way.

My calling as Relief Society secretary is busy, but it is teaching me to rely on my Savior to make up for my weaknesses. I was on a run today and I saw a sign that said, "Do something scary every day." I loved that. Not that I'm going to do anything crazy, but isn't life all about doing things that stretch us and help us grow? My calling is really helping me to get out of my comfort zone and to be more selfless. It's sometimes scary for me, but I know that I'm always helped from above.

Brandon's job has been incredibly busy lately. He could work 80 hours a week and still have more to do. Gratefully, he doesn't have to put that much time in and is able to be home for dinner and evenings and work after the kids are in bed if he needs to. We love having "laptop" parties together, but it seems like lately one of us is too tired or not motivated to work. We had a Harry Potter movie marathon earlier this month  (it took us a few weeks to finish) but boy, was it fun! Earlier this week we went on a gym date together. I wish that could happen more often. We both have been trying really hard to prioritize exercise into our days because we are much better off when we do. But don't be thinking I have mastered getting up at 6 am just quite yet.

Life is good. It's not perfect. But we are seeing the light on some of our trials lately and we are grateful for the blessings we have had through them.

Here's a few photos from the week: I pulled out some of my childhood toys and they've been loving them! And Evelyn the messiest eater I know. She is getting so grown-up though!


  1. you do have a beautiful family and you're doing a great job

  2. I love this! I have been thinking many of the same things. Life seems so crazy, but isn't it nice to constantly be needed by our little ones? I read something too, that talked about how magical it is when in childhood, all that kids need to make all their problems go away is a snuggle from their Mama. It makes me wish that life could always be that simple for them. :) Also, I had that same little school and loved it! My kids love to play with it at my parent's house! And seriously, enjoy that flexible schedule. School kind of ruins everything, ha ha!


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