st patricks day

Since we've got Ireland in our blood, we kind of love this holiday. We had a breakfast together since Brandon was working from home that day. Blake thought the green milk  was just about the coolest thing. I love how kids are so easy to please! And Lucky Charms. Wow. I hardly ever buy sugar cereal and I know why! They could have eaten the entire box.

On another note, we taught Blake that if he didn't want to get pinched, he had to wear green. Well, he actually liked getting pinched so he would pull off his hat or shirt and run up and say, "Pinch me!" He's a funny boy.

During naps, a leprechaun set out some rainbow treasures that Blake and Evelyn got to find--some new paint for Blake and goldfish crackers for E.

We usually have green tacos for dinner, but since we had mexican the night before, we threw together a rainbow dinner aka Hawaiian Haystacks and green shamrock jello. We might just have to make this our new tradition because it was so colorful and good!

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