easter festivities

Thursday Passover--Last Supper 

We dressed up this year simply and Brandon gave the program, all while enjoying lentil soup, grapes, pita bread, and olives. It's nothing gourmet, but it helps us think about maybe some of the things the Savior might have eaten in his day. And I hope that my children will learn the significance of the Atonement in their lives. 

Decorating Easter Eggs on Good Friday. Evelyn even got in on the action! 

The Easter Bunny left baskets for Blake and Evelyn to find on Saturday morning. Then between Genearal Conference sessions, we went on our Easter picnic. Grandpa King came along. It was fun being in the mountains, even if Blake hated the wind! 

Easter morning started with Brunch-- orange rolls and fresh fruit. Then lots of candy munching and snacking during Conference. 

We went to the Sundays for dinner and the Easter Bunny paid a visit. Evelyn was not a fan! Then we went to the Kings for dessert and an egg hunt. A fun and spiritual day! I love Easter so much! 

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