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We affectionately called this room the purple room for good reasons:

The purple stripes with brown carpet were such a perfect pair. Not! The first year living here this room was the guest room/ping pong room/ storage room/ junk room. It sat primed for another 6 months until we decided to finish painting it this last December.

The day after Christmas, we got in this huge de-junking mood. We got rid of toys, clothes, and anything else we could find that we hadn't used in a while. I was shocked when Brandon suggested we sell the ping pong table. He had it even before we had a house. It took up this entire room and honestly, we didn't use it that much. He thought we could use the space much better for now and buy another one when our kids are older to play with him. (Because let's face it, I wasn't really a good match for him.)

So we sold it and that opened up so many new possibilities. We painted the room Sherwin Williams First Star and got the idea to switch Blake into this room. It's a much bigger room and since we plan to have our kids share rooms, it will give us plenty of room for another bed when we need it.

Blake was still in a crib at this point, but I was perusing on a local online yard sale site and came across a loft bed for $75! We debated whether it would be a good, practical solution, but it has been worth every penny. The kids love playing on it, under it, and much to our surprise, Blake doesn't get out anymore than he used to.

I still need to decorate the walls and find him some bedding, but progress is progress! My style is getting simpler and simpler, but the walls do need some pizzazz. Stay tuned...

These two are my favorite. They are the best of friends. And do love how Blake is wearing jammies? He insists on changing into PJs (ones that HE picks out) before a nap each day and if that is what it will take for him to nap, I'm all for it.

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