evelyn goes to nursery!

Gosh, it's been a long weekend. Evelyn was sick on Friday and then Blake woke up Friday night throwing up. We got very little sleep that night. I caught the flu bug too. So instead of building our garden and tackling some outside projects, Blake and I chilled on the couch together watching and movies and sleeping all day long.

Brandon was super dad! He did all the laundry, cleaning, errands, and even had Evelyn pick out some flowers for us to cheer us up.

How does this relate to nursery? Well, Blake and I were afraid of spreading the flu at church, so we stayed home and daddy took Evelyn to her first day of nursery.  He even picked out a matching tie to match her dress. A little daddy-daughter date. I love watching these 2 together. For the record, she did amazing at nursery I hear.

Oh, and she's walking! It's been months that she will take steps here and there, but always prefers crawling. Well, this week she's been talking all over the place. We're in trouble now.


  1. Walking, talking, and now Nursery!?! How did she get that old!? Love the daddy/daughter pics! Sounds like you saved the day this weekend B!


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