april {snow} showers + video!

There's nothing like a good snow shower to provide some after-dinner entertainment. Because let's be honest, me and the kids were far too comfy in our sweats and jammies to get outside any earlier. Blake and I built the snowman and then Evelyn joined in for some fun. I'm pretty sure we won't see tulips and snow together for a long time. 

Blake has been asking to watch family videos lately and I realized it's been a while since I've made one. Well, our snowy April Day gave us just the reason to make one. Find it after all the pictures of my cute kids all bundled up. Evelyn's tongue sticking out for snow is just about the cutest thing ever. 

P.S. For dinner we had our favorite wild rice soup and quick breadsticks. For those of you who want the recipes, they will be on So Festive tomorrow!

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