pittsburgh girls weekend via the iphone

I just got back from a very fun weekend in Pittsburgh visiting Andrea Nelson. We've been friends since elementary. She's practically a sister to me. Although we have our differences, we are so similar and can relate to each other in a lot of aspects of our life. Her boys were at Fathers and Sons, so it gave me the perfect chance to sneak away to spend some time with her. A huge thanks to Brandon and family who helped with Blake and Evelyn. It was hard leaving them and traveling solo (haven't done it since before kids), but once I got there I felt right at home. Andrea was the perfect hostess--with chocolates and a note on my bed and basket of goodies with everything I would possibly need for a comfortable stay.

I loved having some time just with her and then it was fun to spend time with her family and see their neck of the woods again. I came home very sleep deprived and had a bad cold, but it was worth it!

We didn't quite take 30 photos like we had hoped, but here's what we captured with our phones.

very grainy photo after dinner and thrifting, part 1

we really wanted to buy this sweater. look at the detail! $14 was way too much!

we are both 30 this year. yikes!? 

we almost bought these dresses to wear on a river dinner cruise. next time. 

hit the jackpot at Salvation Army! 3 dresses, 10 shirts and 1 skirt later...

we took advantage of the expectant mother parking. we are due within a week of each other!! 

lots of late night talking. don't remember the last time i stayed up until 4 am! still paying for it. 

pre-church photo. i'm in love with this backyard tree. actually, their entire backyard. 

fun outing to downtown pittsburgh with braddock and landon

windy river cruise! pittsburgh is a cool city! 

Can't wait to see you in Utah!

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