we love to see the temple

Wow! The Payson Utah LDS Temple is stunning. It is the most beautiful building I've ever seen. Every single detail is perfect, from the gorgeous paintings on the wall, to the fancy bathrooms, to the modern but Victorian style furniture, to the dark wood trim. The sealing rooms were large and full of natural light and the Celestial room was a cozy, comfortable room I'd want to stay in for hours. 

I'm grateful we were able to squeeze in a trip down there with the Sunday cousins this past week. Blake loves Temples so much and is constantly asking to go inside each time he sees one. I always have to tell him no, so he was especially excited that he got to go inside. 

And when we pulled up, he said, "Look! It's Angel Ramoni!" I didn't want to correct him because it was so cute and funny hearing him say that. He'll grow out of it soon enough. 

I can't wait to go back with Brandon. And those who choose to be married there-- they are in for a real treat both inside and outside. The grounds and exterior were also so beautiful. 

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