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Our master bedroom was a complete bonus to the house. It is much bigger than we ever hoped it to be. However, the paint color was a pukey dark green. The lighting is terrible in the room at night (due to just a few overhead lights. So when we first moved in, we planned to paint it light to brighten it up. It was one of the first rooms we taped for painting. 

But then months and months went by. Life hit. My indeciveness could not choose a paint color and so it stayed like this for a long time. Green tape and all. 

In May of 2014, we caught a huge project bug and decided to get going on some of unfinished rooms. Our room was at the top of the list. We primed it twice I think to cover up the dark green, including the dark green accent wall in the bathroom.

All primed: We slept in our room for a few weeks like this.

We got all 3 big walls painted when I got the  brilliant   crazy idea to do a planked wall behind our bed. I found some easy tutorials online and we got to work. It took us a week of working at nights after kids were asleep to put in in, but it was probably our most fun house project to date. It's far from perfect, but I love that we did it together.

Here's the progress. Not like you care, but still.

^we bought big sheets of wood and had Home Depot cut them down for us. that saved a lot of work! 
^we should have primed twice to hide that green paint coming through, but oh well. the first board was the hardest. we had to get it level. from there, we used a nickel to space the planks and pick our pattern. 

^I did all the spackling. 

^brandon did all the cutting. our bathroom made a good workshop. :) 

^and it's finished. well, except the paint. 

And after. Our furniture and decor has all been thrifted except the headboard we scored at Ross for a good deal and the bedding that was on a huge sale at Target.


And after:

I love how peaceful and empty it is. Well, when there aren't toys scattered anyway. Got to keep the children occupied somehow while I shower!

The Bathroom: 

We haven't done much to the bathroom except paint the back wall that was green, yuck! I'd like to repaint the whole thing, including the closet to freshen it up. Someday.

And for the record, it's never this clean. :)

And there you have it. Only a few years in the making.


  1. That looks great! That plank wall is impressive and quite the project! What paint color did you use in your bedroom?? I've got the painting bug and I love that color!


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