our trip to oregon: ashland

Our first stop on our Oregon trip was Ashland. We were so lucky to be able to spend an entire weekend with Brandon's grandparents, Millie and Ellis Wilson. They spoiled us with yummy meals eaten off of warm plates that Grandma heated up for us to keep our food warm. Who does that? And sweet Grandpa even washed and waxed our car before we left. They took us to ScienceWorks, Lithia Park, and hosted a big dinner with extended family while we were there.

Blake got super brave riding his balance bike and kept going higher and higher up their driveway.

Lithia Park

Ellis pulled out his yearbook and showed us photos of him and Millie in high school.  We didn't realize at the time we named Evelyn that Brandon had a great aunt Evelyn on his mom's side since she died a long, long time ago in a plane crash. It was cool seeing pictures of her and learning about her.

Evelyn- Margaret- Millie 

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