sunday family reunion

Say what?! Blogging in real time? That never happens these days. The children are napping after a long weekend in Midway for the Sunday family reunion. And so I can catch up! We had a great time the past few days. The kids are all old enough to play well together and it was fun to see them interacting...especially Blake and Evelyn with the babies around. I know they are going to love their baby brother. We had a good mix of getting out and doing things and just relaxing. Until next time...

Memorial Hill Pioneer Day Hike 

Making Covered Wagons 

and shaking butter! 

Last stop: Gelato at the Zermatt. Our favorite! 

And not pictured: the Midway Fish Hatchery, lots of hours playing Dominion, eating yummy food (minus the night we all striked out on our dinner choices!) talking and laughing. Thanks for a great time everyone! 

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