tiny troublemakers

I have to write this memory down. Maybe it will become like the story of my Grandpa Max King. Him and his brother Lowell were quite the troublemakers. Their mom was so fed up with their mischievousness that she tied them to chairs. Well the two of them convinced their younger brother to go and get some lard so they could slip out of the ropes.


Evelyn and Blake were in the bathtub. It's the one place I know they aren't getting into a million things. And since they are old enough, I can catch up laundry next door while they are playing. Tonight I learned that this is the last time I can have them bathe together. I was talking to my sister Hollie (probably should also stop multi-tasking) when I heard, "we're done!"

I went into the bathroom to find that they had emptied the entire bathtub water out onto the bathroom floor. There was an inch of water on the floor and it had seeped into the hallway as well. Seriously, there was not a drop left in the tub and the drain was still plugged. I ran and got towels and started drying the floor up.

Brandon had been playing soccer. I was still drying up the bathroom floor when he got home. The first thing he said when he got home was, "Why is there water all over the island?" I ran downstairs and saw that indeed the water from the bathroom upstairs had been leaking into the kitchen. The island was soaked. The water had seeped into the cupboards and fridge.

I admit, I was angry. I know it's my fault for not watching them closer. And they are just little scientists trying to figure out life. But, I think we are done taking baths together.

These two. I'm worried for what may come when the baby comes....

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  1. I hate to say it but I think that was really funny. I can laugh because my kids are all grown. Sounds like something Brandon and Nicole would have done.


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