temple square with my little tykes + video

I've been trying to get in as many fun outings with Blake and Evelyn before the baby comes. I have been much more exhausted this time around and while I still have some energy, I'm going to take advantage. 

Last week, I did something I've always wanted to do.  I rented one of my wish-list camera lenses. Taking Hollie and Seth's engagement photos was a great reason to. But since I had the lens all day, I took Blake and Evelyn to Temple Square for a picnic. We ended up spending a good chunk of the day there walking around, looking at all the fountains, touching the Temple, visiting the Christus statue, and watching some videos at the Visitor's Center. Being there was what my soul needed. In fact, it's what we all needed. 

I couldn't decide which of these next two was my favorite. So you get to see both. 

And here's a video. It's called "Happy Together" because these two are the best of friends. I'm so grateful they have each other. And the song. It's the song they request 100x over and over whenever we are driving together. So it totally fits this.

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